Dr. Kimi Ross

Prior to attending vet school, Dr. Kimi taught in Bush Alaska as well as on the Navajo Reservation. Her decision to pursue a career in veterinary medicine stemmed initially from a desire to provide better care for her own animals (which over the years has included sled dogs, cats, chickens, goats, and horses), but evolved into a desire to serve her community by helping meet the needs of animals in rural Alaska. In 2010, with 11 dogs and a cat in tow, she and her husband Fred relocated from Chistochina, Alaska to Pullman, Washington to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine at WSU.

Dr. Ross brings a love of internal medicine to the practice as well as a desire to work with large animal species. She is especially fond of goat patients and hopes to provide services to the many goats and their owners around the state. Dr. Ross also has a strong interest in theriogenology (reproduction) and plans to expand services over the next few years to include breeding soundness exams, pregnancy diagnosis, and artificial insemination.

The Ross household currently includes three cats, three dogs, two goats and assorted turkeys. When she’s not working, Dr. Kimi enjoys gardening, reading and getting outdoors.

Dr. Kimi in WSU News